Tour “Chateau Cojușna”

TourChateau Cojușna

Vizit of the touristic complex without tasting

Presented prices are available  per 1 person in lei, MDL


Group 2-4 pers 150
Group > 5 pers 150


  • vizit of the touristic complex “Chateau Cojușna” contains:

Historical part – visit of the production sites, of the cellars where the wine is aged in oak barrels and in bottles, visit of the department where the distillates are made and where they are aged, the tour of  the cellars with collection wine “Galeria Migdal”.

Tour of the touristic complex – visit of the tasting halls, of the specialized market, and a tour on the “Chateau Cojușna” tower, from where you can see an amasing view of Cojușna village and of “Migdal – PS.A. vinyards.

REMARCS:  The prices are available Monday – Friday from 10:00 to 17:00, no modifications of menu are accepted. Visits in Weekend days and Bank holiday days are allow for groups at least 8 pers., and pay an extra 100 lei each. Transportations of the tourists is also possible for additional agreement and payment.