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Generations alternate, while wines remain to tell about the wealth, culture and history of our region.

“MIGDAL-P” invites you to make a trip opening new pages of history under the title “Art to respect traditions”.

Tasting halls in “Chateau Cojusna” cellars represent a real time machine, since tasting sessions pass in the atmosphere of Middle Ages epoch, when one acquaints with proposed wines in silence of the old palace cellars.

Magnificent wine tours in “Chateau Cojusna” cellars and tasting sessions arranged by qualified specialists will transform you from an ordinary tourist in a real “Connoisseur” of Moldavian wines.

Here, every single wine has its own history, while cellars themselves are a temple of reminiscences evidencing our assiduous work. Therefore, you are invited in our cellars in order to penetrate into a special world, where time stands still, while every glass of wine inaugurates the new beginning…