Divin Migdal

Rich and generous, soft and harmonious, the divine select XO MIGDAL offers real authenticity and a wonderful balance of flavors.
The divine MIGDAL XO includes the age of maturation 7, 10 years.
MIGDAL XO divin is a blend of eaux-de-vie mainly from Aligote varieties, Bianca, aged in our Limousin (France) oak barrels.
Our divine amber, mahogany color, reveals aromatic notes of flowers and candied fruit, the aroma is fine and elegant. The taste is woody and have floral notes.

Seria Piatra

The noble wines Piatra Albă (White Stone) and Piatra Roșie (Red Stone) are wines carefully produced from grapes collected manually from the vineyards of the winery in the Codru area of ​​Moldova. They are blended wines, which represent a challenge, the result of which is a miraculous, harmonious and balanced liqueur, tasted with pleasure by those around.


The Autentic range of selected wines includes 5 types of elegant and complex wines, authentic from the Codru area, created to satisfy the expectations of the most skilled consumers.
All wines in this range are dry, highlighting the best characteristics of each grape variety. Some wines are matured in oak barrels to gain more structure and complexity.

Collection wine

Collection wines are elite wines from the Migdal Collection – white and red, dry and dessert.
These old collection wines are kept in the silence of the cellars, in a controlled climate, light, and humidity climate. The collection wines have a double maturation: from 6 months to a few years in oak buds, after they are bottled and ripened in bottles in “Migdal Collection” for at least 3 years.

Divin Autentic

Discover the unique taste of the Divin AUTENTIC from Chateau Cojușna.
The range of Divin Authentic includes cognacs with a maturation age of 3, 5, 7.10 years.

These cognacs stand out for its extraordinary and balanced color and taste that enjoys peace.
The bouquet is fine, complex with light shades of flowers, and vanilla in combination with the soft, full, velvety taste and golden amber color.
The taste of honey and oriental desserts seems to caress the senses endlessly and invites you to stop time in place to enjoy its finesse.
These fine drinks are based on the following varieties: Bianca, Aligote, Feteasca Alba …
Cognacs worth enjoying.

Distilate de vin

The range of wine distillates from Chateau Cojușna includes three types of distillates produced by double distillation, from the most aromatic varieties: Muscat (40%), Muscat (68%), Sauvignon (40%).
The wine raw material for distillates is distilled into wine distillate. For this purpose, the company purchased wine distillers – stills directly from France (Charente region, Cognac).
Wine distillation is traditionally served cold. It is a “fire” drink, but tasty, it is exactly what you need for a cold winter night.