Collection Wine MARSALA

Collection Wine MARSALA

Harvest: 1999

Variety: Rkatiteli, Aligote, Feteasca

Alcohol: 19%

Sugar: 70g/l


Characteristic: High quality white alcoholic wine. Produced from selected grapes of European varieties Rkatiteli, Aligote and Feteasca, according to an original technology that involves special methods of making raw wine, caramelizing sugar to an opened flame and other processes. The original drink of amber color.

The composite bouquet, with pronounced shades of rum, resin and wood, perfectly harmonizes with the full taste, specifically with sea ship resin accents.


Culinary recommendations: It is an excellent appetizer that will be served with 20-30 minutes before meals, cooled to a temperature of +6 – + 8 .

The wine manifests fully its taste qualities being served at a temperature of +16 – + 18 accompanied by sweet desserts: fruit, jelly, mousse, cakes, whipped cream. Perfectly pairs with hard noble cheeses.