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    Aged white dessert wine Vintage: 2002 Varieties: 100% Muscat Alcohol: 16% vol. Sugar: 160g/dm3 Characteristics: The dark-golden color with amber shades harmonizes with the soft taste having specific Muscat aroma. Maturation and fine Muscat notes feature the bouquet. Due to the specific aroma, the Muscat is very popular with the connoisseurs. It is the only wine having the title of “aristocratic”. Served with cold desserts, fruit salads and jellies. Recommended serving temperature: +16 …+18° CLearn more
    Aged red dessert wine Vintage: 2001 Varieties: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon Alcohol: 16% vol. Sugar: 160g/dm3 Characteristics: Is distinguished by taste is full, suave and velvety with fine nuances of chocolate, black currant and plum. Complex long after taste. This is the etalon of red dessert wines, the elixir of life. Recommendations: Combines perfectly with various sweets nuts in honey, cakes, sweet rolls and cakes, also with coffee, fruit or ice cream, cold desserts, jelly, mousse. Recommended serving temperature: +16 ... +18° C.Learn more
    Aged red dry wine Matured in oak barrels for 36 months. Vintage: 2005 Varieties: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon Alcohol: 13%vol. Area: Zone Codru. Characteristics: Red wine with intense flavor fruitful in the mint, fig, cherry and blackberry. Maturation in barrique adds shades of vanilla, coffee and spices. The taste is generous, well balanced, with ripe tannins and a relentless post-taste. Recommended to: Red meat, especially game, strongly flavored cheeses, semi-hard hunters and chocolate. Recommended serving temperature: +16…+18°Learn more