We intend to conquer you with the exclusive wines UMBRELLA .
Precious UMBRELLA – a symbol of protection, retreat, enjoyment of a party, career success and triumph in all areas of human life.
Then let us not hesitate to join under UMBRELLA to serve a good wine with loved ones to our souls.

Collection wine

Collection wines are elite wines from the Migdal Collection – white and red, dry and dessert.
These old collection wines are kept in the silence of the cellars, in a controlled climate, light, and humidity climate. The collection wines have a double maturation: from 6 months to a few years in oak buds, after they are bottled and ripened in bottles in “Migdal Collection” for at least 3 years.

Divin Autentic

Cognac is a reference product for wine distillates. More specifically, it is an obsolete wine distillate with an alcoholic strength of 38-50 vol.%, Characterized by a yellow-gold color – amber and a fine vanilla aroma and other pleasant shades, which gives it a sweet smell and a taste. There are several titles of nobility. In bottles with VS (Very Special), the most cognac is at least three years old. For the VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale), the minimum age is five years old. XO (Extra Old), the oldest distillate is at least seven years old, XXO (Extra Extra Old), minimum 20 years old.


Grappa is a distilled beverage that appeared in the Middle Ages in Italy. Originally Grappa appeared in Bassano del Grappa – a town in northern Italy. That’s where his name comes from.
Grappa is a distilled beverage with 40-45% alcohol. After distillation, Grappa is usually stored in a glass container about 6 months before dispensing.
The flavor depends on the variety of grapes used, but in general, Grappa is a drink that has a strong flavor.
Traditionally Grappa is served cold. It’s a “fire” drink, but tasty, it’s just what you need for a cold winter night.